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IBM Bows to Portal Maker
 Big Blue adds a convenient front door for its WebSphere Portal software by acquiring partner Bowstreet.

Sun Portal Server Hits With SOA Touch
 The new free portal server takes aim at Web 2.0 app deployment.

Myths And Realities of Web Services
 They’re the holy grail of computing but you still better beware of their ups and downs.

On-Demand Software Not a Total Solution
 Salesforce CEO says customers are “hypnotized” by the Microsoft mystique.

Microsoft: Real-Time Requires Open Systems
 Redmond goes RTM with its Office communicator platform and offers yet another Web-based version of its software.

Unmediated Media
 Jeremy Allaire says the future of TV is on the Web.

A CRM Sandbox For Wary Customers
 New testing service will let companies try out apps in a parallel IT universe.

What’s The AOL/Google Deal?
 Analysis: Is it a match made in heaven or a slippery slope for both parties?

Oracle Tops Off ID Management Suite
 With its past year’s acquisitions fully integrated, Oracle proudly releases its latest security software.

Eclipse Release to Sync Web Development
 The first full release of its Web Tools Platform tackles two of the group’s three goals for the project.

Yahoo Analytics Marries Online And Off
 A partnership with Marketing Management Analytics aims to check ROI across media.

Google Close to Big AOL Payoff
 Exclusive negotiations could give search giant tiny stake in struggling Web property.

Microsoft Adds Portfolio to Project
 Redmond plans to buy a portfolio management firm to expand its own project management software.

Buying and Selling Software as a Service: A View from the Trenches
 Without evaluating SaaS and looking at the big picture, today’s enterprise software firms may not survive in an increasingly competitive market. Guest columnist Chris Miranda discusses how these vendors may well be doing their customers and partners a disservice in the short- and long-term if they don’t carefully investigate their options to move toward a service-delivered model.

CRM Best Practices
 Six tips from the experts on how to choose the right CRM solution for your company and boost your odds for a successful adoption.

Anatomy of a Successful CRM Implementation
 With CRM gaining in popularity once again, heeding a few crucial steps should lead to a successful deployment (this time around), writes guest columnist Bill Donlan of Adjoined.

Outsource Security to the Cloud
 One company is building security data centers, offering top-of-the-line, up-to-date products to business customers on a plan the company calls ‘Security in the Cloud.’

IBM Devises SOA Programming Model
 UPDATED: Big Blue and other infrastructure software players band together to create an open SOA programming model.

Open Source For The Next Generation
 Software companies must anticipate what future IT pros will expect from software.

A Nimbler Microsoft?
 Distinct authority to division presidents under reorganization may help it move products more nimbly for the Internet age.

SOAs So Close, Yet So Far
 Computing architecture experts from different organizations convene to discuss SOA momentum, or the lack thereof.

Software as a Service Seen Sprouting Legs
 IDC research says companies like and Siebel are surging in a market that could surpass $10 billion by 2009.

Piecing Together The Sun Google Puzzle
 When you put the parts together, this partnership could add up to something.

Sun Looks Beyond The SOA Here And Now
 The company will gain the ability to compose composite applications to fashion SOAs with SeeBeyond buy.

Coming in 2005
 Curious about what to expect in 2005 out of the development community? Check out Bradley Jones’ yearly forecast on what to anticipate.

Web Services Now and When
 Our latest In Focus executive summary covers the current state and future of Web digital services companies development — and what it all means to you.


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