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August ASPnews Top 50
By Staff

August 13, 2002

Last week’s Chapter 11 filing by Interliant opened up a vacancy in our Top 30 Enablers list that was quickly filled by one of a number of worthy contenders.

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This is the second time Interliant has dropped out of these listings. The first time was over a year ago, when the company’s decision to sell off its enterprise ASP division left it too dependent on Web hosting revenues to remain in the Providers Top 20. The expansion of the Enablers list from 20 to 30 members earlier this year brought Interliant back into that Enablers Top 30, based on its private-label hosting activities.

This time, unfortunately, we think it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing the Interliant name in these lists again. That’s a disappointment, since Interliant is truly a pioneer of the ASP model, having started out hosting a Notes community as early as 1993, and with more than five years’ experience of providing pay-as-you-go Notes services.

Welcome Macromedia
Macromedia is the new entrant to the Enablers list. The company is best known for its client-side Flash technology, which has long been a favorite among Web site designers for adding “rich media” features to Web sites, but its inclusion on our Enablers list is in recognition of its MX family of products, launched in April this year, which puts powerful Web services capabilities in the hands of developers.

The MX architecture includes a new version of the popular Cold Fusion server platform, which Macromedia acquired last year when it bought the developer Allaire, while Flash MX acts as a versatile client-side component that provides a convenient user interface to network-based applications and data.

Coupled with MX versions of its Dreamweaver Web site development tool and associated products, Macromedia’s new family of products empowers developers to migrate their skills to take advantage of the new generation of XML Web services architectures. Cold Fusion has already served as the basis for a significant number of online applications, particularly for smaller developers, and its popularity looks set to increase with the addition of the MX features. Macromedia’s inclusion in the Top 30 Enablers is richly deserved for the innovative support it has given online developers with the launch of the MX range.

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