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TOP 50

August ASPnews Top 20
By Staff

August 11, 2001

Each month, ASPnews unveils its updated list of the Top 20 ASPs and Infrastructure Providers — companies that are the harbingers of success in the ASP industry.

For August, the list of top ASPs is unchanged. However, the ASPnews team is watching some companies closely in August, so you can expect some changes in September.

Things weren’t so quiet on the infrastructure side of the street, where not one but two hosting providers fall off the list. While opportunities have been slow to mature for ASPs, it has been much more of a disappointment for hosting companies.

ASPnews Top 20 Archive
»  July 2001 Top 20 
»  June 2001 Top 20 
»  May 2001 Top 20 
»  April 2001 Top 20 

Intel launched Intel Online Services with the expectation that it could prosper from a boom in managed hosting. But after an initial burst of enthusiasm, Intel failed to follow through and lost ASP customers after cutting staff by 25 percent in May 2001. Although Intel continues to support ASPs strongly through its reseller channel and other investments, the negative impact of the IOS cutbacks has not been helpful. Meanwhile further retrenchment seems likely in the wake of the company’s continued lowered outlook for revenues and income.

What is the ASPnews Top 20?
All entries in the Top 20 ASPs and the Top 20 ASP Infrastructure Providers lists are drawn from the ASP Industry Global 200 Directory, as published monthly by ASP News Review, the executive newsletter for the worldwide ASP and Web services industry.

The companies are selected based on several factors. Sheer size is just one parameter, which is weighted along with more qualitative assessments, such as respect among peers and talent to innovate within the ASP model as defined by ASPnews (see The ASP Value Chain for a detailed description).

For more on the process behind the Top 20 lists, see Global Top 20 — Your Questions Answered.

Meanwhile, NaviSite a week ago announced a 25 percent staff cut — including half its VPs — two weeks after the resignation of CEO Joel Rosen. The company has been up for sale since March 2001, but parent incubator CMGI has yet to announce a buyer. Although the company had been adding customers for managed services and for streaming, there was no evidence or likelihood of any increase in its ASP customer base and it had not been marketing itself to ASPs in the previous six months.

NetObjects Represents a New Breed
NetObjects is the most striking addition to the Top 20 Infrastructure Provider list. It is one of a new breed of Web service platform vendors that offers a hosted Web site builder for small businesses that also function as an aggregation platform for third-party Web site enhancement services. Small businesses can therefore build a site using the Matrix platform with embedded functions provided by Miva, or NetLedger’s Oracle Small Business Suite — and all through the same wizard-driven, point-and-click interface.

While other vendors offer similar capabiities — Trellix being the most notable equivalent — NetObjects has the most advanced and innovative platform, and has had notable successes in the European market as well as in the U.S. The clinching factor was its deal announced last week to deliver its desktop sitebuilder bundled with HP imaging devices — significant because NetObjects treats the desktop package not so much as a product in its own right but rather as a vehicle for promoting online services to a wider market.

NetObjects qualifies for this list rather than the ASP list because it is in essence a software vendor. Even though it hosts for many of its private label customers, it gives them an open choice whether they host it themselves or have NetObjects provide the hosting. It also continues to have a substantial installed base of desktop Web site design software, which it still sells as a retail product. So we consider it a software vendor and enabler rather than an ASP in its own right.

Compaq Proves to Be a Solid Provider
Compaq earns its place on the list by backing up a strong track record of supporting and investing in providers with its recently introduced cetification scheme which, unlike others in the industry, is selflessly not tied to a requirement to commit to buy Compaq product. But Compaq needs to watch out as it develops its own Global Services arm that it remains the provider’s friend and does not stray into competitive waters just as do IBM and HP do.

Top 20 ASPs

This is the list of companies that, in the view of ASPnews, are the world’s 20 leading ASPs. For inclusion, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Have ASP and/or Web services as their core business
  • Have a substantial and active customer base
  • Be able to demonstrate proven revenue streams
  • Be innovators within the ASP and/or Web services models
  • Be recognized as a leader by others within the industry
Company Description Location
AgileraEnterprise ASPEngelwood, Colo.
BlueStar SolutionsEnterprise ASPCupertino, Calif.
CorioEnterprise ASPSan Carlos, Calif.
Intranets.comWeb service vendorWoburn, Mass.
JamcrackerASP aggregatorCupertino, Calif.
ManagedOpsASP wholesalerBedford, N.H.
McAfee.comWeb service vendor,
Web service aggregator
Sunnyvale, Calif.
NetLedgerWeb service vendorSan Mateo, Calif.
OpenAir.comWeb service vendorBoston, Mass.
Portera SystemsWeb services providerCampbell, Calif.
Qwest Cyber.SolutionsEnterprise ASPDenver, Colo.
Salesforce.comWeb service vendorSan Francisco, Calif.
SiennaxEnterprise ASP,
business ASP
The Netherlands
StorageNetworksStorage service providerWaltham, Mass.
SurebridgeEnterprise ASPLexington, Mass.
TriZetto GroupVertical service provider,
Web services ISV
Newport Beach, Calif.
Upshot.comWeb service vendorMountain View, Calif.
USinternetworkingEnterprise ASP,
application infrastructure provider
Annapolis, Md.
WebExWeb service providerSan Jose, Calif.
WebSideStoryWeb service providerSan Diego, Calif.

Top 20 ASP Infrastructure Providers

These are the 20 companies that, in the view of ASPnews, are the most influential providers of software or infrastructure for the ASP and Web services industry. For inclusion, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a substantial and active customer base of ASPs and/or Web service providers
  • Be active in their support and promotion of the ASP and/or Web services model
  • Be innovators within the ASP and/or Web services models
  • Be recognized as a leader by others within the industry
Company Description Location
BMC SoftwareInfrastructure ISV,
infrastructure ASP
Houston, Texas
Cisco SystemsSystems manufacturerSan Jose, Calif.
Citrix SystemsInfrastructure ISVFort Lauderdate.Fla.
New!   CompaqSystem manufacturerHouston, Texas
Computer AssociatesInfrastructure ISVIslandia, N.Y.
Data ReturnApplication infrastructure provider,
managed hosting provider
Irving, Texas
DigexApplication infrastructure provider,
managed hosting provider
Beltsville, Md.
Hewlett-PackardSystems manufacturer,
infrastructure ISV
Palo Alto, Calif.
IBMInfrastructure ISV,
systems manufacturer,
application infrastructure provider
Armonk, N.Y.
iPlanetInfrastructure ISVSanta Clara, Calif.
JD EdwardsEnterprise ISVDenver, Colo.
Lawson SoftwareEnterprise ISV,
e-business platform vendor
Minneapolis, Minn.
MicrosoftEnterprise ISV,
Web service vendor/aggregator
Seattle, Wash.
New!   NetObjectsWeb service vendorRedwood Shores, Calif.
Onyx SoftwareEnterprise ISVBellevue, Wash.
OracleEnterprise ISV,
enterprise ASP
Redwood Shores, Calif.
PeopleSoftEnterprise ISV,
enterprise ASP
Pleasanton, Calif.
Progress SoftwareInfrastructure ISVBedford, Mass.
Sun MicrosystemsSystems manufacturer,
infrastructure ISV
Palo Alto, Calif.
XevoInfrastructure ISVMarlboro, Mass.

What do you think of our choices? What ASPs and infrastructure providers are missing that deserve to be here? And what companies do you think made that list that shouldn’t have? Critique our selections — or make your own list — in the ASP Discussion Forum.

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