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A Winning Combination: Software-as-Services Plus Business Consulting and Process Services
By Laurie McCabe
January 30, 2004

The first installment of the Top 20 ASP list in 2002 presents a dilemma for the ASPnews team. Ordinarily, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing would call for instant dismissal from the list of leading ASPs. In the case of USi, however, we have elected to declare a one-month reprieve pending further information.

ASPnews Top 20 Archive
»  December 2001 Top 20 
»  November 2001 Top 20 
»  October 2001 Top 20 
»  September 2001 Top 20 
»  August 2001 Top 20 
»  July 2001 Top 20 
»  June 2001 Top 20 
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One factor in the decision is that USi’s business seems set to survive, albeit in a different form. The other is that this month there is no single clear contender poised to deprive it of its Top 20 crown. If we were to promote Interpath, USi’s prospective sibling in the Bain portfolio, it would be to pre-empt a possible, but by no means inevitable, merger.

Replacing USi with the acquisitive and fast-growing Divine also seems a tad premature. There are half a dozen other names on our radar, but none are ready to claim a spot this month. So USi retains its position, but will likely leave the Top 20 in February.

Divine Intervention Means Elimination
With Divine’s acquisition of managed hosting provider Data Return expected to close this month there is a change in the infrastructure list, its place taken by a completely different type of company.

What is the ASPnews Top 20?
All entries in the Top 20 ASPs and the Top 20 ASP Infrastructure Providers lists are drawn from the ASP Industry Global 200 Directory, as published monthly by ASP News Review, the executive newsletter for the worldwide ASP and Web services industry.

The companies are selected based on several factors. Sheer size is just one parameter, which is weighted along with more qualitative assessments, such as respect among peers and talent to innovate within the ASP model as defined by ASPnews (see The ASP Value Chain for a detailed description).

For more on the process behind the Top 20 lists, see Global Top 20 — Your Questions Answered.

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) joins the list, taking its top 20 spot in recognition of the support it is giving to ASPs such as Concur, Intacct and others by marketing their services through its own small- and medium-sized business sales teams.

Some might argue that ADP should have replaced USi on the Top 20 ASP list. ADP does have a long history of providing outsourced, computer-based business services, which surely is the definition of an ASP? Well, not quite.

Our definition of ASP requires the provider to offer users direct access to its services via a browser or other Internet-based connection, and while ADP does indeed provide this type of service to a minority of its customer base, it is small change compared to its overall revenues.

However, ADP is doing some heavy lifting in terms of putting ASP services from its third-party partners in front of it customers, which is the prime characteristic we look for in candidates for the Infrastructure Top 20 list. ADP’s commitment to the model dates all the way back to 1998, too, making it one of the earliest brandname businesses to support and promote the ASP sector.

Top 20 ASPs

This is the list of companies that, in the view of ASPnews, are the world’s 20 leading ASPs. For inclusion, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Have ASP and/or Web services as their core business
  • Have a substantial and active customer base
  • Be able to demonstrate proven revenue streams
  • Be innovators within the ASP and/or Web services models
  • Be recognized as a leader by others within the industry
Company Description Location
AgileraEnterprise ASPEngelwood, Colo.
AppshopEnterprise ASPFremont, Calif.
CorioEnterprise ASPSan Carlos, Calif.
Digital RiverASP,
business ASP
Eden Prairie, Minn.
Intranets.comWeb service vendorWoburn, Mass.
JamcrackerASP aggregatorCupertino, Calif.
ManagedOpsASP wholesalerBedford, N.H.
McAfee.comWeb service vendor,
Web service aggregator
Sunnyvale, Calif.
NetLedgerWeb service vendorSan Mateo, Calif.
OuttaskEnterprise ASPAlexandria, Va.
Portera SystemsWeb services providerCampbell, Calif.
Qwest Cyber.SolutionsEnterprise ASPDenver, Colo.
Salesforce.comWeb service vendorSan Francisco, Calif.
SurebridgeEnterprise ASPLexington, Mass.
TelecomputingASP and integratorOslo Norway/Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
TriZetto GroupVertical service provider,
Web services ISV
Newport Beach, Calif.
Upshot.comWeb service vendorMountain View, Calif.
USinternetworkingEnterprise ASP,
application infrastructure provider
Annapolis, Md.
WebExWeb service providerSan Jose, Calif.
WebSideStoryWeb service providerSan Diego, Calif.

Top 20 ASP Infrastructure Providers

These are the 20 companies that, in the view of ASPnews, are the most influential providers of software or infrastructure for the ASP and Web services industry. For inclusion, companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a substantial and active customer base of ASPs and/or Web service providers
  • Be active in their support and promotion of the ASP and/or Web services model
  • Be innovators within the ASP and/or Web services models
  • Be recognized as a leader by others within the industry
Company Description Location
AbrideanInfrastructure ISVHalifax, Nova Scotia
New!   ADPBusiness service providerRoseland, N.J.
AgilitiInfrastructure ISVBloomington, Minn.
BMC SoftwareInfrastructure ISV,
infrastructure ASP
Houston, Texas
Cisco SystemsSystems manufacturerSan Jose, Calif.
Citrix SystemsInfrastructure ISVFort Lauderdate.Fla.
Computer AssociatesInfrastructure ISVIslandia, N.Y.
DigexApplication infrastructure provider,
managed hosting provider
Beltsville, Md.
Hewlett-PackardSystems manufacturer,
infrastructure ISV
Palo Alto, Calif.
IBMInfrastructure ISV,
systems manufacturer,
application infrastructure provider
Armonk, N.Y.
JD EdwardsEnterprise ISVDenver, Colo.
Lawson SoftwareEnterprise ISV,
e-business platform vendor
Minneapolis, Minn.
MetraTechInfrastructure ISVWaltham, Mass.
MicrosoftEnterprise ISV,
Web service vendor/aggregator
Seattle, Wash.
Onyx SoftwareEnterprise ISVBellevue, Wash.
OracleEnterprise ISV,
enterprise ASP
Redwood Shores, Calif.
PeopleSoftEnterprise ISV,
enterprise ASP
Pleasanton, Calif.
Progress SoftwareInfrastructure ISVBedford, Mass.
Sun Microsystems, iPlanetSystems manufacturer,
infrastructure ISV
Palo Alto, Calif.
XevoInfrastructure ISVMarlboro, Mass.

What do you think of our choices? What ASPs and infrastructure providers are missing that deserve to be here? And what companies do you think made that list that shouldn’t have? Critique our selections — or make your own list — in the ASP Discussion Forum.


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