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A Winning Combination: Software-as-Services Plus Business Consulting and Process Services
By Laurie McCabe
January 30, 2004

Online content management solution provider CrownPeak Technology on Monday unveiled Advantage ES, an Extended Suite of developer tools and customization capabilities for its Advantage CMS service.

Advantage ES allows solution developers to build and customize integrated content management applications without installing software or purchasing any hardware. The platform consists of developer tools, an expanded API, gateway interfaces with configuration tools, and pre-configured customizations for applications like extranets, intranets, workflow engines, document and asset catalogs, and e-commerce systems.

“Because Advantage ES is an on-demand solution, our customers’ applications immediately enjoy the strengths of a hosted solution,” said Jim Howard, CEO, CrownPeak Technology. “There’s nothing to install, no software to buy, automatic feature enhancements, 24/7 managed security, data backup and disaster recovery, and the cost and support advantages of on demand systems. In a very real way, we’re turning over control of our Advantage CMS software to our customers — and their developers.”

In addition, Advantage ES will support development in external platforms and connections directly into the CrownPeak application suite via Web Services (SOAP). This allows clients and system integrators to integrate their own applications seamlessly with CrownPeak, as well as configure the CrownPeak environment to suit their needs. The first major platform supported in this program is Microsoft’s .NET.

The new platform can be used by developers interested in creating their own content management applications, by partners who want to customize or offer a private-label version of CrownPeak’s Advantage CMS, or by customers with complex content management requirements who need a customized solution.

“If you can envision your content management application, you can build it with CrownPeak’s new on-demand development platform,” Howard said. “Our integration capabilities and our API technologies are far more flexible and more advanced than any other product on the market. We’re delivering all the benefits of a completely customized application, without the headache of building and managing the software application environment.”

Among the unique content management applications built with Advantage CMS: sophisticated event calendar and project management systems, document and digital asset repositories, email campaign and marketing engines, knowledge management systems, internal workflow systems, online commerce and subscription services, online ad management and marketing platforms, and foreign language translation engines.

As part of the CrownPeak ES launch, the company is unveiling a new section of the CrownPeak site for developers, with code samples, documentation, and integration support. CrownPeak has also launched a complete developer training and support program.


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