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The Second Coming of ASPs?
analysisWhen ASPs first came on the scene in the late 1990s, they were billed as the future of software. When it didn’t happen right away, many companies turned their back on the model. Meanwhile, the ones who stuck with it have developed into solid companies. Has software’s future arrived?

ASPnews Top 50 Criteria
How we define the industry and set the criteria for the lists of Top 25 Providers and Top 25 Enablers.

RightNow CEO Foresees End of Software Dinosaurs
strategyThe hosted customer service and support solutions provider is on a mission to take over the agent desktop in the contact center.

Divine’s Demise No Surprise
strategyThe consensus is in, and it appears that recently bankrupt ‘extended enterprise company’ divine never really stood a chance of succeeding.

The Hidden Cost of Software
featureExecutive Input: With software maintenance costs equaling or exceeding licensing fees, is it time for the software industry to establish a standards model?

Insurers Begin to Add ASPs to IT Policies
trendsWhile no one has ever accused insurance companies and their agents of being adopters of technology, the property and casualty industry is beginning to embrace Web-based application services.

A New Day for the SLA
strategyService level agreements have been a fact of ASP life for years, but the focus is shifting from ‘five nines’ availability to a more business-oriented approach that delivers measurable return on investment.

Developing an ASP Sales Force Compensation Plan
reportProviding software as a service is proving to be a cost-efficient solution for businesses, but the model requires ASPs to develop a new approach for compensating salespeople, writes SCS Solutions’ Daryl Michalik.

A Fresh Approach to Enterprise Hosting
AT&T is introducing new concepts and standards into the evolving Web hosting industry.

Top Ten Reasons Partner Programs Fail
strategyNurturing effective partner programs is both an art and a science. The path to partnering success is paved with more than a set of criteria for others to join your gold, silver or platinum program, writes PartnerStream’s Marc Zasada.

ASPs Try to Get the Price Right
strategyA per-user, per-month pricing model may work for some applications. However, more sophisticated pricing models mean more control for customers and more revenues for ASPs — talk about a win-win situation.

ASPnews Glossary
reportNot sure what OSS is? Don’t know a VSP from an MSP? Check out the ASPnews glossary of terms.

Industry Basics: The Line on Access Providers
featureHow do you access Internet-hosted applications? There are many options, which range in both sophistication and expense, writes ASPnews consulting analyst Phil Wainewright.

How to Build a Pricing Model
strategyForum feedback: From the ASPnews Discussion Forum, a reader offers this 11-step plan for crafting a pricing model.

Industry Basics: Know Your Hosting Options
Hosting service providers operate the core infrastructure of Internet computing and the ASP model.

How to Succeed in the ASP Sales Channel
trendsIt’s probably the most important decision an ASP faces — how to sell its services. Contributing analyst Art Williams highlights some of the industry’s most effective strategies to help ASPs swim not sink in the channel.

Industry Basics: Inside Infrastructure Service Providers
Infrastructure service providers are a key component of the ASP model. They don’t provide the applications, but these backroom specialists ensure that Internet-based applications operate smoothly.

What Makes a Top 20 ASP?
reportIn April, ASPnews unveiled its lists of the leading ASPs and infrastructure providers. While the basic criteria has been stated since the lists first appeared, many have asked for more detail. At ASPCON, consulting analyst Phil Wainewright delivered it.

Industry basics: Service integrators
reportRather than go it alone, the first contact point for most business consumers of ASP services is the service integrator.

Industry Basics: Application Service Providers
reportIn the complex universe of the ASP Value Chain, these pureplay powerhouses ensure that applications are delivered.

Industry Basics: Business Service and Application Providers
featureA look at the providers of software and services that form the raw material used to build ASP solutions.

The ASP Value Chain
strategyHow do you make sense of the ASP industry? The mistake most people make is to put every ASP supplier into a single category labelled ‘ASP’.

Anatomy of an ASP – Three Strands Of Development
strategyIn its first premium content report, Packaged Software Rental: The Net’s Killer App (“Killer”), first published November 1998 and revised in March 1999 and again in January 2000, outlined the origins, shape and directions of application services, and identified three separate trends from which ASPs are emerging.

Anatomy of an ASP – Emergence of the ASP Channel
strategyA natural consequence of the multi-tiered computing architecture that enables the ASP model has been its resolution into a number of interlocking layers, each with its own areas of core competence. With various elements of the solution performed on separate, specialist servers, it becomes an obvious next step to have each of those elements catered for by separate, specialist providers.

The ASP Value Chain
strategyThe clearest definition ever of the ASP landscape, complete with a presentation-quality diagram you can download

TMP Worldwide Won’t Proceed With Financing
TMP Worldwide Inc. said that it will not proceed with the private sale of up to $115 million principal amount of its Convertible Subordinated Notes due 2005, which was previously announced by the company on April 9, due to unfavorable market conditions.


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