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Corio Adds New Delivery Models
By internetnews.com Staff
March 12, 2002

Corio, Inc., the San Carlos, Calif.-based enterprise application service provider (ASP), yesterday introduces Corio OnSite and Corio Transition delivery models so its customers can use their existing IT infrastructure in-house while taking advantage of Corio's application management expertise.

These two new offerings intend for customers to have direct control over their infrastructure and are combined with Corio Full Service to create a complete suite of delivery model solutions.

Corio OnSite is deployed within a company's existing infrastructure, while Corio implements and manages the application with application, database and integration services, change management, and provides application and database monitoring.

Corio Full Service provides application, database, operating system, and infrastructure services. Corio says it both manages and controls production across all layers of the solution, while the customer system is located in a Corio managed data center.

Corio Transition is described as an interim solution allowing customers to use Corio's Full Service model in preparation for an in-house deployment.

The model is designed to deliver applications on demand and allows IT projects to start right away, and Corio says it's a model ideally suited for conference room pilots, demo environments, or can serve as a development and test solution.

"We selected Corio Transition and Corio OnSite models for our enterprise project so we could get started immediately," says Steve Brown, chief information officer at Minneapolis based Carlson Companies, which serves the relationship marketing, hospitality and travel industries.

"At the same time, we are able to cost effectively utilize existing infrastructure assets and control them in-house," he adds.

"We have designed our delivery models around our customers' IT needs, and leverage our value proposition of improved, speed, reliability, visibility, control and economics for enterprise applications," says George Kadifa, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Corio.

Says Art Williams of Art W. Consulting: "These new offerings directly address the tactical impediments of sunk costs, jobs and control and lead the industry in terms of flexibility."