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What’s Important To IT Management In 2006? According to Forrester, business innovation, becoming catalysts for process transformation, and helping move beyond compliance to enterprise risk management.



On-Demand Software Not a Total Solution
 Salesforce CEO says customers are “hypnotized” by the Microsoft mystique.

IBM Devises SOA Programming Model
 UPDATED: Big Blue and other infrastructure software players band together to create an open SOA programming model.

Open Source For The Next Generation
 Software companies must anticipate what future IT pros will expect from software.

IDC: Web Services Consumption to Hit Stride
 Distributed computing software adoption is expected to ramp up, becoming more of a proven solution than an acid test.

Why SaaS Is Making a Comeback
 Software-as-a-service is alive, well, and thriving, writes guest columnist K.B. Chandrasekhar of Jamcracker. Here’s why.

Oracle, SAP: Upward Bound
 Retek is a prelude of more M&A; in vertical markets, say analysts.

  • Oracle Wins in Bid For Retek
  • What’s Right for You? An ASP Reality Check
     Purchasing software as a service is a fast-growing trend in IT. How do you determine if it’s the right answer for your company?

    Menu of Services Keeps Webhosts Smiling
     As we all know, there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch.’ Instead, by offering a smorgasbord of services, Webhosts can bring a lot more customers to the table.

    The Winners Are In:’s 2005 Products of the Year announces the winners of its 2005 Products of the Year awards. Read on to learn if your favorites won.

    April ASPnews Top 50
     April 2005: Acquisitions continue to claim some of the top ASPs, with a couple of Top 25 Integrators and one of the Top 25 Providers acquired in the early part of 2005. Find out which ASPs have claimed the open spots on this month’s Top 50 list.

    E-Mail Archiving Stealing ECM Spotlight?
     FEATURE: Regulatory compliance is putting a lot of attention on e-mail. The market for this is supposed to grow 50 percent a year through 2008. So what of enterprise content management as a whole?

    Coming in 2005
     Curious about what to expect in 2005 out of the development community? Check out Bradley Jones’ yearly forecast on what to anticipate.

    The Case Against “Fake Free Hosting”
     Executive Input: Hosted client/server applications fail to deliver on the promise of on-demand software.

    Apps To Go
     Sending critical enterprise data out to users’ wireless devices has such obvious benefits that some enterprises aren’t even looking at ROI.

    Web Hosts Debut Ad Services for SMBs
     A recent barrage of offerings from Web hosting providers promise to manage online ad campaigns for small and mid-sized businesses.

    Testing SOA Could Test Your Nerves
     Service-oriented architectures are picking up momentum. But it may be driving all the testers out there crazy! What’s the best way to handle it?

    E-Mail’s New Complexities Potential Boon for Service Providers
     Five years ago, a marketer would seek out an ESP simply to deliver lots of mail. Times have changed.

    Interactive Voice Response for the Little Guy
     Missed calls mean missed opportunities, but many small businesses can’t justify the expense of a receptionist. Using interactive voice response products, you can implement an automated system that’s the next best thing to answering the phone yourself.

    Catch the ‘Onshoring’ Wave
     Executive Input: ‘Onshore outsourcing’ to U.S. software services firms can offer lower risk, higher return than going offshore, says CrownPeak’s Jim Howard.


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