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Myths And Realities of Web Services
 They’re the holy grail of computing but you still better beware of their ups and downs.

Piecing Together The Sun Google Puzzle
 When you put the parts together, this partnership could add up to something.

Sun Looks Beyond The SOA Here And Now
 The company will gain the ability to compose composite applications to fashion SOAs with SeeBeyond buy.

Sun Leads Even in the Web Services Tool Category
 What makes a good Web Services Tool? It appears that Java and Open Source are two important qualities.

The Might of XML
 Unwieldy XML is giving way to new opportunities for vendors who want to improve Web services consumption.

Web Services Now and When
 Our latest In Focus executive summary covers the current state and future of Web services development — and what it all means to you.

Migrating to a Service-Oriented Architecture, Part 2
 Gain a better understanding of the major considerations in planning a migration to a Service-Oriented Architecture by taking an in-depth look at services and interfaces.

The Case for Developing a Service-Oriented Architecture, Part 1
 Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) are being promoted in the industry as the next evolutionary step in software architecture to help IT organizations meet their ever more complex set of challenges. Is the SOA concept real, though, and even if it can be outlined and described, can it really be implemented?

The Beginning of the End of PeopleSoft
 The firing of PeopleSoft’s CEO means one thing, according to our Enterprise Advisor: It’s time to sell the software company to Oracle.

Oracle-PeopleSoft Saga: A Market Ripple Effect
 Keep your eye on what IBM, Microsoft, and SAP do in the next year, analysts say.

Taking a Look Behind the Sender ID Stir
 The recent Sender ID for E-Mail spat had emotions running high. Why did open source and free software advocates dig in their heels over the patented standard? Are patent-encumbered standards anything new, anyhow? Open source developers and standards committee chairs speak up on Microsoft’s own SPF: software patent flap.

To Host or Not To Host …
 As software-as-a-service (SaaS) makes a cautious comeback, hosting your applications can net great benefits so long as you understand the pitfalls.

Final Battle For The Last Mile
  Who’s up and who’s down in the quest for network access? The rules of engagement have changed.

The Second Coming of ASPs?
 When ASPs first came on the scene in the late 1990s, they were billed as the future of software. When it didn’t happen right away, many companies turned their back on the model. Meanwhile, the ones who stuck with it have developed into solid companies. Has software’s future arrived?

Can Remote Access Costs Be Cut While Increasing Productivity?
 Browser-based managed services may help your company deliver more convenient and cost-effective remote access to diverse user communities.

A Winning Combination: Software-as-Services Plus Business Consulting and Process Services
 To get the best bang for the buck on software investments, IT managers must optimize related business practices and integrate non-IT business functions into the solution. Net-native software-as-services vendors are in a good position to ease this burden.


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